Friday, November 29, 2013

Losing my Mother

Sorry I have been quite busy since last post I was the primary care taker for my mother while she battled cancer.   She just recently past and I found my way back to my passion and hobby.   But it has not been easy to create when you are in so much pain.   So I took my jewelry to a few Craft and Bake sales and made less then I spent.   I will be find my Father and I have decided to venture this together.  Hoping to get my name and products out there again.  A wonderful friend who own White Feathers.  Is now carry a few of my pieces in her shop.

After recovery you really see with different eyes, almost like getting a brand new pair of glasses.  Growing and appreciated new people and new paths.

So I hope my friend in the blog world check her site out and patiently wait for mine to be build.


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Anonymous said...

i found your site from Tony's link today and was eager to see your work. unfortunately the link for white feathers did not work. i do hope you are still pressing on to brighter days as you overcome life's pot hole's in the road you travel.