Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life after losing my LIGHT my Mother

Its has been 8 months not much creating in the jewelry department but I have started a LIFE STYLE CHANGE. Which is focused around healthy living and family commitments.

Firstly having lost my mother it has been a spiritual battle for me to keep my faith and continue believing everything is a cycle and happens for a reason.

I have lost my Aunt at 44, my other Aunt at 45. My Grandfather and Grandmother within a year of each other...but this was not to feel sorry for me it is what brought me back to my wonderful parents.

  We were estranged for several years and it was killing me after my husband left not to have family left. I would love to take you on the journey of these life lessons.

My husband was my everything.  He took over my family from a failed marriage where the father of my daughter just up and moved to Florida when she was 4.  He took care of me thru some scary surgeries that without him I would not even today be healed from.   As my health was not improving I got into some issues with additions to pain meds and mixing alcohol and that drove my husband to the arms of another woman.  I was bitter but God I believes works miracles that we don't always see.  I lost all my family and his family that I grew to love and appreciate for now 10yrs.

That brought me to getting another chance with my parents.  My husband was not the best influence to the cause of them staying away.  but through baby steps and learning to forgive brought these last 3 yrs blessings I would never had expected.

I was able to clean my act up....find a wonderful house which was to share with my parents and daughter.  Made it easier for me to take care of my mom on a full time basis but unfortunately she died in the house just 24 days after  moving in together.  But another MIRACLE my Dad decided to stay with us and it has made my life filled with peace. love and support.

More to come with lessons I am learning.   Tip 1 to healing without my mom is to believe she is still hear....we write to her...and we celebrate her.

Healing stone that hold to my heart is a ROSE QUARTS AND CRYSTAL CLUSTER beside my bed to aid in the dreaming with her

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