Friday, September 4, 2009

New Items

Today at the Walkerville Trade Centre I added my new creation of Swarovski Crystal Chakra Chains. Also there is free information about the stones and there properties. I have also created and Information Only book if you have time to read up on why I create my jewelry.

Came across a elder man interested in the jewelry and stated the spiritual meanings, readings of a seer and the Gems are against the Catholic Ways. I may not be a practicing Catholic anymore but no where did I hear of such a sin.

If God created the earth would the earth stones I work with not have some connection with OUR creator and spiritual meanings?

Please research for yourselves about the is History of the earths elements and you will see it for yourself. Healing with stones has been here as long as the earth. I am just one of many that have experienced the wonders of the earth for myself and have my own beliefs as we all do.

No matter your religious background the Earth is apart of us all.

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