Sunday, August 23, 2009

About My ROCKS

For many of thousands of years (as long as the earth has been) the stones, gems, rocks, or whatever you choose to call them, have been used for many purposes. Each piece of Jewelry I create is made with Semi or Precious Stones.

All have special properties of healing, calming, grounding and much more. I could not put them all on this blog for their meanings and its too much to read at one time. But feel free to email me with whatever questions you may have pertaining to the meanings of any stone.

I am not a Gemologist for I never went to University to study. But I have acquired knowledge of learning the Great Mysteries of what the earth stones have done for many of centuries.

I am a professional Mother and I never went to school for that either but it does not make me any less of a Great Parent.

So contact me and I would love to help you find the personalized Stones for you.

My Love Catchers Meaning-Chosen the stones from my guide.

Rose Quartz: is the Stone of Love
Amethyst: Peace, "Looking within stone"
Purple Fluorite: Protection
Onyx: Ease of Worry and Tension
Carnelian: Protects from Fear and resolves Anger
Clear Quartz: Positivity & Healing

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