Monday, September 7, 2009


My stones, guides, friends and family are my life. But not the traditionally family that we all understand. Which means the ones we choose. I have had the most inspirational day of my life. I will from this day on contribute the LOVE CATCHER to Madison Love Chapman. She represents the meaning of this for the rest of her life...not the meaning of love itself but what the meaning really means to the SEERS AND THE PSYCHICS in this world. Love is a gift not to be messed with: but appreciated every day....that blood may be thicker than water but my heart beats no matter what....when I have passed the blood is drained and gone, it is out of me: the LOVE I had and have will stand thru anything: time, water, fire, life, judgement....LOVE IS ETERNAL and EVERLASTING!

Bless all of our choices...may my lesson for inspiration for today be that we choose to Love and Family is what we all make of it, not the choices of other people....Love lasts Longer, don't you think??
I am not taking about that juvenile stuff. Love is hard when we are young not only at home but everywhere,......wait you will learn .....Love is the best gift the Gods gave us....learn it, grow it, and nurture it!!!

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