Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well the hot humid raining weekend sent some inspiration and exploration for my creativity to work. I am finishing writing this update and taking some pictures....

I had fun....wish I had a MUSE beside me to give me advise to make new styles and things that everyone will like and appreciate....but there is just the animals(including my children) but they help in there own way.

Any questions on the properties of my stones or what they mean feel free to email me and ask.
I would love to tell you what the costs are but each stone and wrapping all have the uniqueness and cannot be added to my blog. Like I said just drop a comment or email me and I will be honest and upfront.

that is what i Believe in Honesty.
Its like one of my many new life laws.
So visit by tomorrow and see my new designs. Thanks for viewing.

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