Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beginning of my Blog


I used to be employed like most of the people from my area. Though I still try daily while wrapping wire to seek employment. I was lost at how I can spend my time and eventually make money at it. So far all my time is spent on making the jewelry. As a former Nail Technician and Hairstylist, we all know that its hard to make money when you are giving to family and friends. But that is not a problem I am a giver that is part of my nature.

Now I need to share it.

How did I get to this point with Stones and Jewelry?

Jewelry my goodness is an obvious I am a women and we I love it!!!!! Plus I have a young daughter who enjoys making crafts.

I am a SEER. But for those who do not believe; I just feel stronger things from meeting and being with people. This has inspired me to work with Earth Stones.

So I have studies and researched and had acquired more stones and healing elements than I had room for. But while I was out and sharing what I have learned to BELIEVE in the miracle of the earths creations could not be denied.

During my meetings with people inquiries came:
what they all represent
where do they come from
what do they mean
can they work together

Stone represent the purpose of magical powers, Chakra Classifications, Star Signs and Healing properties
They come from the earth. All types may be different in color and texture depending where they came from.
They all have different meanings
Yes, all stones can work together or separately whichever is preferred

My next posts will give more information to how I make them and if you don't fall asleep maybe a little more about me.

So keep reviewing and searching the WORLD WIDE WEB and find out what these stones really mean.

For me they mean Beauty, Creativity and individuality

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